Hello! I am Pat from Europe, and with my many years of experience of Healing and Male Massage, I can give you a Deeply Nurturing Massage that You will Remember! :-)

Imagine my firm strong hands

pressing into your skin

all over your body...


sinking into your skin

searching every inch

dissolving all your knots...


relentlessly caressing your body

allowing you to breathe peacefully

perhaps even to dose off

to lose yourself in an ocean of bliss...


sensually pulsing you

untill magically

all your stress has melted away...




I am 54 y.o. and weight 195 # for 6'4'' tall. I am from Belgium originally, but have lived in many countries, mostly where my modeling career was taking me since my early thirties... As a teenager, I was suffering of very poor health, I was very skinny and had low self-esteem... until one day I decided to turn my life around, and since the 80's, when everything was "New Age", I started to learn about massage and all kind of healing methods (Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Pilates, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing to name a few), and as it worked for me, I am very rarely sick, I still enjoy my job :))


I have created my own unique mix of movements and techniques, which basically includes light movements from the Swedish Massage type, blended with a few deeper-tissue strokes (to dissolve knots in your back), some acupressure (to the feet and hands mostly) and some light Californian Massage, Holistic Pulsing and Trager movements...

Rather than "No pain, no gain!" I believe more in "The power of softness". Like says Tovi Browning (of the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy): "By observing children, especially babies, it is clear that pleasure is a natural law to them, and they also heal more quickly than do adults... Our pleasure is the key to our health, just as pain rules disease... With no pleasure, sooner or later we will become ill, it is as simple as that... Ultimately , we are more afraid of pleasure than we are of pain, struggle or hardship! Certainly we have more of the latter than we do of the former... I SAY , LIFT YOUR PAIN, AND THERE YOU SHALL FIND YOUR PLEASURE. DARE YOU TRY...?" ;-)


My little but very cozy studio is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, in the East-Village.

Soft music and sensual atmosphere is always welcoming you..

I use a natural and lightly scented body oil that is very gentle to your skin as well as soothing your mind (it is naturally infused with some lavender...). If you prefer a more neutral body-lotion, please just let me know as I want to make you a happy man! :))

During your session, you will be comfortably lying on a professional "Best Massage" table. While I usually wear shorts and a tank-top, you may be in the nude or in your underwear, whatever you prefer; being of European culture, I am naturally open to mutual touching, although preferably towards the end of the session as my main goal is deepest relaxation first.

or call :

212 419 4839

Conviniently located in Manhattan, Nyc, in the heart of the East Village:

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Gay Massage Nyc

Relax, unwind, get a massage...

Pat Massage Nyc

... with Pat!


Pat in Speedo

What do they say:

" Pat is simply amazing! He is such an incredibly sexy gay man but with no attitude at all! (Although I understood he had a successful modeling career internationally...) And aside this, he's got a fabulous touch with his large strong hands (he is very tall), he completely seduced me in just one hour session of his so relaxing massage. I am so glad we met and I cannot wait to come back to Nyc for a great treat with him again!"

Wayne T. - Miami

"I am a 55 y.o. gay professional. The very soothing, relaxing massage I received from Pat was a total surprise! It was unlike any other gay massage I had before in Nyc (where I often felt rushed...). Pat was very welcoming and friendly, he made me feel very relaxed before the session even started. He gave me a total body massage, working all my body parts from head to toes and all around, where I totally lost track of time and presence of where I was. His touch is strong but very gentle and sensual at the same time, just wonderful! I recommend Pat greatly."

Al Wax. - NYC

"I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful your massage was. I also can tell you that I can hardly wait to return to see you again. Your massage was so peaceful, sensual, loving, relaxing, delightful, easy, warm, gentle, flawless, and just down right perfect. i felt like we made love without SEX... I could only hope that every man enjoys what you do half as much as i did."

Gary S. - NYC

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